The need-to-know information for TXA:


Pearls and fun nuggets

1. Well done, Japan 👍 Tranexamic acid was first synthesized in 1962 by Japanese researchers Shosuke and Utako Okamoto.[6] It has been included in the WHO list of essential medicines.[47] TXA is inexpensive and treatment would be considered highly cost effective in high, middle and low income countries.[48]

2. Has your mom had TXA? 🙋 Tranexamic acid is often used after delivery to reduce bleeding, often with oxytocin.[22] Death due to postpartum bleeding was reduced in women receiving tranexamic acid.[2]

3. TXA for bleeding disorders? 😶 There is not enough evidence to support the routine use of tranexamic acid to prevent bleeding in people with blood cancers.[31] However, there are several trials that are currently assessing this use of tranexamic acid.[31] For people with inherited bleeding disorders (e.g. von Willebrand’s disease), tranexamic acid is often given.[17] It has also been recommended for people with acquired bleeding disorders (e.g., directly acting oral anticoagulants (DOACs)) to treat serious bleeding.[32]

4. TXA may soon not require a prescription 🙊 In March 2011 the status of tranexamic acid for treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding was changed in the UK, from PoM (Prescription only Medicines) to P (Pharmacy Medicines)[49] and became available over the counter in UK pharmacies under the brand names of Cyklo-F and Femstrual, initially exclusively for Boots pharmacy, which has sparked some discussion about availability.[50]

Patient Perspectives

“This tranexamic acid medication reduced my menstrual bleeding about 50 percent and made it so I could function and go to work. It started working in a little less than 24 hours.”


“I have a hereditary vascular disorder called HHT (Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia). I have had daily horrible nose bleeds, to the point of needing frequent transfusions. Had cauterization and laser treatments, which only helped for a few weeks. I have been on the medication for 2 months now, and have had only 2 “gushers”. I hope this improvement continues.”


“I have suffered year with periods so bad they would make me faint with pain. I eventually plucked up courage to go to dr and had a emergency lap which showed no endo . I was put on tranexamic acid and “ it changed my life” I also use buscopan for the cramping and bloating and together I can go about my daily business. It almost stops my bleeding. I bleed for 3 days not 9-10. Great little drug”

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