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  1. If you would like some education material about cardiac or vascular. I work in a cardiac cath lab on the civilian side.

    1. Absolutely! Within this next month, I’ll be doing crash courses on the cardiac related protocols (Ex. Chest Pain, DVT, PE, etc.). If you could go through those protocols under the “Protocols” tab and make suggestions on revisions or educational resources that I could use to help explain them in the crash courses, that would be amazing.

  2. This site has a ton of valuable information. I know its primary purpose is for 68W’s to learn, but if a soldier (or civilian) wanted to brush up on his or her CLS, where should that soldier focus?

    1. A CLS crash course is actually in the works! Within about a month or so, there will be CLS/TCCC for all combatants crash course posted underneath the TCCC tab. I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks!

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