“Combat Medicine 101 is a FOAM (free open access meducation) resource dedicated to helping medics learn the full 68W scope of practice”


A comprehensive review of the latest 2019 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines featuring videos from Deployed Medicine and other bonus content.  Also included is a wide variety of practice scenarios to sharpen your MARCHE-PAWSB skills.

Clinical Care

A crash course for every clinical care protocol within the Combat Medicine 101 protocols.  From minor conditions like cellulitis and gastroenteritis to major illnesses like sepsis and anaphylaxis, there’s something for everything.  Will teach you not only what to do, but also why you’re doing it.


Videos pulled from across the web to cover every single skill and procedure within the combat medic scope of practice.  Soon to include pearls and expert testimonies for each procedure.


A comprehensive review for every drug within the combat medic scope of practice.  Each drug review includes a reference from the Combat Medicine 101 protocols, pearls and fun facts, and perspectives from real patients who have been administered the medication.


Download the free Combat Medicine 101 protocols which includes the latest TCCC guidelines, clinical care protocols, and pharmacology reference.  Inspired by various combat medic references to include the Ranger Medic Handbook and the JSOM Advanced Tactical Paramedic Protocols Handbook. 


DD 1380 (TCCC Cards)……SF 600 (SOAP notes)…..you name it.  In addition, you can download badge cards for the hard-to-remember skills like TCCC drug dosages, clinical drug dosages, triage/EVAC criteria, 9-line medevac, burn fluid resuscitation, and more!

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