The need-to-know information for Omeprazole


Pearls and Fun Nuggets

1. It comes in many strengths and forms ūüíä Omeprazole is available in strengths of 10, 20, 40, and in some markets 80¬†mg; and as a powder (omeprazole sodium) for¬†intravenous¬†injection.

2. Bad for B12?ūüėź Concern has been expressed regarding¬†vitamin B12[20]¬†and¬†iron¬†malabsorption,[21]¬†but effects seem to be insignificant, especially when supplement therapy is provided.[22]

3. ¬†It takes a while for your stomach to readjust after stopping ‚Ź≥¬† When omeprazole is stopped, baseline stomach acid secretory activity returns after 3 to 5 days.

Patient Perspectives

“I had a huge mental breakdown 3 months ago and severe stomach problems followed, lost 20 pounds. Couldn‚Äôt eat anything, even water upset my stomach. My throat was gurgling constantly and I was getting worried with how many tums I was taking just to be able to live my life. Maybe an ulcer, maybe stress, who knows, but omeprazole sure did help. Everyone‚Äôs stomach‚Äôs are different and react differently, but for me this was a life saver.”


“Oh my God this is the worst medicine ever gave me really bad anxiety the worst headache ever I feel so shaky it’s ridiculous I just want this feeling to go away”


“I was just prescribed Omeprazole this week. The first day I took it I thought it was magic. Suddenly my terrible, nightly heartburn was completely gone. Unfortunately, the side effects are numerous, immediate, and simply not worth it!

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